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Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8.00

Professional multimedia editor with support for both analog and digital sources
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Mix clips, add or edit the audio, insert video or audio effects and overlay text. Works with an image, video as well as audio files and imports from both analog and digital sources.

Ulead Media Studio Pro 8 is your professional tool for video editing. Import video from nearly any digital and analogue source, mix clips, add audio, text, insert both visual and audio effects, and finally export sequences in almost any format. Its choice of built-in tools will allow you to edit your pictures, your audio clips, your video sequences, and create new ones!

Once installed in your computer, you will discover that Ulead Media Studio Pro 8 is actually a suite of three tools in one package – Video Capture, Video Editor and Audio Editor. Start up any of them and switch to any of the other two right from the menu bar.

Video Capture allows you to import video clips from HDV, DV, 24p, D8 or your analogue VCR, camcorder or television. Connect different devices and the batch capture utility will do all the work for you. You can then convert them on the fly to MPEG 1 or 2 for quick DVD authoring. Its full HDV support will allow you to edit in lossless native format, convert to more portable formats (like DV, WMV, MPEG-2, Quicktime…) or even write back to a HDV camcorder. A built-in DVD authoring tool will help you to add high-end professional-looking menus to your work.

Video Editor, the main interface within Ulead Media Studio Pro 8, integrates most of the functionality of the other two tools to produce high quality video productions. Here you can create your own working desk with the Layout Manager, arranging in your personal area those tools you use more frequently. Video Editor’s intuitive interface will allow you to drag, cut, paste and copy video, images and audio files, arranging and mixing them easily and accurately. In addition to the main timeline of the project, you can have separate timelines for every clip and track, or combine some of them into one single sequence with its own timeline and save it for later use.

You can view, edit and add multiple effects to each of the clips in one single interface, giving you an overview of the whole project at a glance. You have more than 1000 customizable effects, filters, transitions and title styles that you can add to your clips at exactly the right frame. The full-size preview monitor will show you, any time you wish, how each of the changes you apply affects the final mix.

Audio Editor opens any WAV, MP3 or WMA, rips audio from CD, and helps you to create your own recordings in hi-fi quality. This powerful audio editor allows you to edit, mix and add sound effects to any of your audio clips. You can remove unwanted background noise, change the pitch and speed, add fades and echoes… anything you need to get the perfect soundtrack for your video project!

But you can do all of this and more directly within the Video Editor. Its Audio Mixing Panel will let you create Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround tracks, or simulate surround effect for stereo output. You can even create custom soundtracks for your video with the SmartSound Integration!

With Ulead Media Studio Pro 8 you can easily and intuitively mix different video and audio formats within the same timeline, arrange them in any way you need, add texts and opening sequences, and export the whole project in the format of your choice, everything in a professional way and with high quality results.

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